Where we empower leaders with the knowledge and tools to prevent insider fraud. 

Hello. My name is Tiffany Couch and I'm determined to put myself out of business.


You see, my forensic accounting practice, Acuity Forensics, has led me to the far reaches of North America and I have seen the damage done by internal fraud. I've witnessed firsthand the emotional & financial devastation left behind after uncovering yet another fraud scheme. 

But here's the thing...these frauds didn't have to happen. They could have been prevented.
Without fail, after each case I work and after each fraud revealed, I get a bad case of the "If-Only's"

  • If only my clients had seen the patterns
  • If only my clients had known the red flags to look for
  • If only my clients had taken a few key steps to protect themselves and their organization.
These "If-Only's" have stuck with me throughout the years. Haunted me, in fact.

Finally, I'd had ENOUGH.

And it's that frustration that has led me to create what we here at Acuity Academy believe are the
best fraud prevention blueprints available in the marketplace today.  

In my heart I knew I had to do my part to flip the script. That:

  • If only organizations knew what I knew - that they could easily be spared such tremendous headache & heartache. 
  • If only they followed my lead - they could confidently implement a robust fraud prevention program that didn't cost a lot of money, time, or personnel resources. 
  • If only I could get this information to the masses; to those who lead so many fantastic organizations around the world, I could have a significant and meaningful impact in the reduction of financial fraud worldwide.
  • If only for these things - I would be well on my way to eradicating fraud and putting myself out of business.

    One Blueprint at a time.

Praise for Tiffany's work

"Recommendations on internal controls presented succinctly, simply, inspirationally and in a way that wasn’t overwhelming or complicated."
~ Wendy R.
“Tiffany is a world-class presenter. Thank you. Excellent material. We will use it!” 
~ Kaitlin S.
“I’ve been an auditor/examiner for 30 years and sat through many training seminars on fraud but this was easily the best one ever. Great perspectives and practical tips to use in the field – 100% agree with.”
~ Seminar Attendee

What is Acuity Academy & how can it benefit you?

Hear it straight from from the founder, Ms. Tiffany Couch, CPA/CFF, CFE

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Stop NonProfit Fraud

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