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Small Business
is the #1 Victim of
Internal Fraud.

Fraud is Not a Money Problem,
it's a Human Problem.
95% of Companies in the United States are small business, those organizations typically earning gross revenues of $1 million per year or less. Small business is also the #1 victim of internal fraud, typically due to a perceived lack of resources, the belief that a "most trusted employee" has the finances handled, and a lack of appropriate internal controls. Losses from these schemes are in excess of $150,000 and have typically gone on for 18 months before they are discovered.

On average, companies lose 5% of their gross sales to insider fraud. And the perpetrator? Probably the most well-liked and trusted person in the organization. In fact, it is this position of trust that allows insider fraud to continue undetected, often with devastating emotional and financial impacts.

We understand there's more to fraud than numbers. The breach of trust and resulting emotional fallout have the biggest impact. No organization is immune and it hurts more than just the bottom line.

Acuity Academy is the preeminent resource for small businesses, nonprofits, and those that consult with small organizations to educate themselves on the red flags of internal fraud, and find unparalleled resources which will assist them in reducing fraud risk.

We're here to dispel the belief that "fraud can't happen here".

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